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Is your paperwork in order?

Here are two quick tips to make life a little easier:

  1. Email the docs to yourself

    That way, you can forward them the instant you're ready to lock down an apartment. Plus, you'll make your landlord's day.

  2. Black out bank account numbers

    You wouldn't want these falling into the wrong hands.

Application Checklist

Make sure you have these documents on hand before the apartment visit. In case, you know, it's love at first sight.

  1. Photo identification

    Driver's license, passport, etc.

  2. Letter of employment

    It should state your position, salary, length of employment, and opportunities for bonuses—all on your company's spiffy letterhead.

  3. Copies of your last two pay stubs

    Your pay stubs are proof of income. You can get these from work.

  4. Copies of your last three bank statements

    Stable balances help landlords sleep easier at night. You can find your statements online wherever you bank.

  5. Contact information

    Have names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails handy for all past landlords, your employer, and your guarantor (if applicable).

  6. Proof of other assets, if any

  7. Other documents

    Depending on your situation you may need to provide other documents. Start at the homepage to find out.

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